“We want to give them dreams”

Although many football players are taking their part all over the world, it is difficult to raise football players in the Philippines for various reasons.

There are parks with small fields for playing football. It is also difficult for them to play street football because the streets are not safe. Many children cannot purchase any balls or spiked shoes either.

We wish to hold events for such children and invite them to football games so that they can come in touch with football and can familiarize themselves with the players. We wish for them to become professional football players.

“To make a club that plays games in Asia and is felt proud by people in the area”

We wish to make a club that wins national titles at the first round of ACL, participates in the AFC Cup, and fares equally against other teams in Asia. We want to be known enough for the people to answer, ′′JPV Marikina FC′′ when asked if there are any football clubs in the Philippines.

We wish to make a community-based club that is managed in a Japanese style, provides an extraordinary atmosphere in stadiums and various services to fans, carries out regional culture exchange activities and supports raising young people initiatively, and is a symbol of hope, dreams, and positive emotions in the area.