PFL 2017 28th Sec

Ceres FC 5
2017/10/28 - 16:00Panaad

3min Ceres FC
5min Ceres FC
7min Ceres FC
49min Ceres FC
80min Ceres FC

GK1 Tripulca, Felipe Jr.
DF4 Tacusalme, Camelo(→58min DF18 Basa, David Mark)
DF6 Kane, Sean Patrick
DF8 Ali, Mahmoud
DF19 Unabia, Lemuel
MF22 Belgira, Kou Ichi(→58min MF23 Celiz, John)
MF10 Satoshi Otomo
MF11 Takashi Odawara
MF21 Baguioro, J(→90min MF9 Canedo, Robert)
MF16 Atsushi Shimono
FW7 Takumi Uesato

GK25 Gasic, Nelson
MF5 Cutamora, Jayson
DF15 Elnar, Alexandro
MF17 Altiche, Aaron


Tacusalme, Camelo

This game has been a hearbreaking one for us. It’s a result that we wouldn’t have wanted and it was very disappointing. Despite this, we hope that this will be a lesson to us. Mistakes are unavoidable but what’s valuable is that we accept the defeat, learn from it, and move on to our next game focused with our heads up high.

Canedo, Robert

There were no adjustments made by JPV even on the second half of the game. Ceres clearly dominated the game for a full 60 minutes before JPV had the chance to equalize. An opportunity that they missed. There were a lot of mistakes on the first half as evident by how Ceres made three goals within the first seven minutes of the game.I’m not blaming anyone for how the game turned out. I do, however, wished that the coaches has an alternate game plan to turn the game back to our favor right away. Most especially not when JPV has a four-point deficit already.