PFL 2017 26th Sec

FC Meralco 1
2017/10/31 - 16:00Rizal


55min FC Meralco FC(OG)


GK25 Gasic, Nelson

DF6 Kane, Sean Patrick

DF15 Elnar, Alexandro(→51min DF8 Ali, Mahmoud)

DF19 Unabia, Lemuel(→66min DF4 Tacusalme, Camelo)

DF27 Fadrigalan, Peter John

MF10 Satoshi Otomo

MF11 Takashi Odawara

MF16 Atsushi Shimono

MF21 Baguioro, J(→73min MF23 Celiz, John)

MF22 Belgira, Kou Ichi

FW7 Takumi Uesato


GK1 Tripulca, Felipe Jr.

DF18 Basa, David Mark

MF13 Poderoso, Jaime Jr.

FW17 Altiche, Aaron


Alexandro Elnar: First, I am very excited to play against my former team, FC Meralco Manila. The latter was really prepared and unfortunately we weren’t able to get 3 points for today’s game. We had several chances to hit the goal, but it wasn’t our lucky day though.

Lemuel Unabia: We had a lot of chances in front of the goal but were just unlucky and also the calls of the referees were not fair to us. I’m so disappointed with the result and that is my fault. I conceded an own goal but im still proud of my teammates they never gave up until the end.