PFL Club Workshop in Partnership with J. League

The Philippines Football League in cooperation with J. League held a one-day PFL Club Workshop on 21 May 2018 at the Philippine Football Federation. The main focus of the workshop was in Marketing with topics centered on Fan Engagement and Sponsorship Sales and Management.

This year marks the J. League’s 25th founding anniversary. One of the speakers, Takeyuki Oya, recalled how the now ~54-club league started with 10 clubs back in 1993 and how the league struggled to make football popular in a nation which preferred baseball.

After a brief introduction of the league, the second speaker, Shunsuke Kinemuchi, discussed the importance of Fan Engagement and Community-driven initiatives. After experiencing a decline in attendance during the third season, the league decided to launch its 100-year vision aiming to have 100 clubs registered to the league by its 100th year.

In part with this vision is for each individual club to have a stronger community-based presence encouraging the clubs to promote football and even non-football related sports and health activities, to acquire local sponsorships, and to build good relationships with their hometowns at the grass-root level.

The second half of the workshop discussed about Sponsorship Sales and Management. Kinemuchi discussed about the value of reaching out to small local businesses and the impact that community-based sponsors can contribute to each club. It was stressed that even the biggest clubs in Japan who are already backed by big sponsors still put efforts into looking for other smaller local sponsors.

Oya reminds the clubs that J. League didn’t become what it is now overnight. But through communication and cooperation within the league and each of its clubs, they were able to say that they’re on the track towards their 100-year goal.


We would like to thank PFL and J. League for organizing this event. This has been a very informative seminar for us. JPV is excited to plan on how we can extend what we’ve learned to our own home in Marikina.

With the draw for the fifth round of the league done and the PFL Calendar being finalized, JPV would like to announce that it will be able to play its home games starting from July in Marikina Sports Center. We will update with the match fixtures once the calendar is finalized.

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