Friendly Game Result: Davao Aguilas FC vs JPV Marikina FC

JP Voltes Marikina FC duked it out against Davao Aguilas FC resulting at a 3-3 stalemate at Rizal Memorial Stadium on the 7th of February, 2018.

Despite an uneventful first half, JPV surged all out on the second half as Jim Ashley Flores drew first blood on 46’ but was set back by an own goal shortly afterwards. Patrik Franksson picked up the slack by netting a goal on the 73’ mark.

Davao Aguilas responded promptly on the 75’ and 77’ as Harrison Sawyer brought their team on the lead, only to be equalized by Voltes’ Aaron Altiche a couple of minutes after, resulting to a 3-3 standstill.

Next stop will be on February 14, 9:00 AM, against Stallions Laguna FC at their home turf in Biñan Stadium.


Nelson Gasic

Alvin Sarmiento

Suzuki Tsubasa

David Basa

Jay-R Sandoval

Jake Morallo

Shimono Atsushi

Franco De La Torre

Alen Angeles

Keigo Moriyasu

Kozawa Ryuki



46′ Ashley Flores

73′ Patrik Franksson

79′ Aaron Altiche


57′ Nelson Gasic

75′ Harry Sawyer

77′ Harry Sawyer



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