Voltes’ AFC ‘A’ License Partners for 2017

The acquisition of an AFC ‘A’ Coaching License is a rigorous task. Not only do you have to go through the initial ‘C’ and ‘B’ licensing, the ‘A’ licensing program in itself is composed of several phases that must be accomplished before getting the chance to be a qualified AFC ‘A’ Licensed Coach which includes 220 hours of coursework.

One of those parts is being attached to a team that has at least one AFC ‘A’ Licensed coach and is participating in a National Federation recognized league such as the Philippines Football League.

For this season, we have two coaches who chose to be attached to our team: Coach Marigen Ariel and Coach Myk Agbayani!

Left-to-Right: Marigen Ariel, Myk Agbayani


1. Why did you choose our club?

Coach Marigen: To be honest, I chose JPV as my attachment for my ‘A’ license requirement since their coaches fit the requirement level of our instructors and because some of the other clubs are in conflict with my work schedule.

Coach Myk:  I chose JPV because of the good ambiance and professionalism brought upon the current management of the team with it’s two AFC ‘A’ licensed coaches. Their environment is very organized and disciplined. The club is also very established and currently in a good standing in the PFL.

2. How is JPV’s training?

Coach Marigen: During my first day of attachment in JPV, I knew that I wouldn’t regret the time I would be spending with the team because I know that the coaches who are handling it are very good and it can be observed in their training session. It is very well organized, very well managed and the players are very good, accommodating and competitive. Therefore I can say that I would be learning a lot from this team.

Coach Myk: JPV is very organized and their instruction is in line with AFC standards. Their training is very well-planned: From the players, pitch size, and drills preparation suitable to the JPV philosophy.


Good luck with your training, Coaches! And thank you for volting in with us!


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