Player, Worker, Scholar, Father: The Different Hats of Elijah Aban

This is Elijah Aban.

This is also Elijah Aban.

This was Elijah Aban five months ago.

Reserve goalkeeper of JPV Marikina FC by day, a technical support associate during the afternoon, and an all-time father of one. It boggles the mind how Elijah balances these multiple roles at a day-by-day basis.

When asked to describe his typical work day, he recalls how he usually wakes up at six to seven every morning, granting him the time to sort his things and shower before he heads out to ride the MRT. “Kailangan maaga talaga umalis,” (I have to leave early) he said since he didn’t want to waste time waiting in line for the train and eats his breakfast along the way.

JPV training usually starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 12:00 NN. He then goes to work that starts at 3:00 PM, ends at midnight. Then heads home and sleeps between 1:00 to 3:00 AM.

To him, however, he really didn’t see how it was too much of a hurdle, stressing that he basically approached time management professionally – by having a schedule and sticking to it no matter what.

“Nasanay na [ako] dati,” (I’ve gotten used to it.) stating that he was always the one his family relied upon.

Motivated by God and his family, he strived to acquire a degree in Management Accounting despite assuming multiple responsibilities. He recently graduated in National University under a scholarship program.

Despite how planned his workdays are, his free time, however, are typically not. Elijah spends his time mostly at home to entertain Gyan, his eight-month-old son. Sometimes, he and his family go out to the nearest mall to destress but most importantly, this is when he catches up on sleep. “Tanghali na ako nagigising pag walang trabaho,” (I wake up during the afternoon when there’s no work) he chuckled.

Looking ahead, he mentioned how he aspires to be a Certified Public Accountant. Despite his dedication in playing football, he firmly believes that his time to play is only temporary.

But for now, the goal is simple. God, his family, and the team.

These are the motivations that push him to exert 110% JPV in every game he’s in.

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