Let’s Volt In: Second Half

From left to right: David Basa, J Baguioro, William Gueridonn, Camelo Tacusalme, Nelson Gasic, Elijah Aban, and Felipe Tripulca

This is the second part of our Let’s Volt In series. If you missed the first part,

you can check it out here. We’ve once again chatted with some of our players to see what they have to say about each other. We can truly say that they have strong friendships and care about one another even though they can sometimes be crazy (and pikon).

Felipe – Elijah:
Elijah is a hard-working person. Even though he has both school and work to juggle, he still gives his 100% during training and does his best to attend our training and matches. He is also my kababayan. 

Elijah – Lemuel:

Both in training and in practice games, he does his best and he’s good. He’s friendly towards all our teammates, whether Filipino or foreign. He’s a hard-working player. He teaches and motivates us to be better. If I have errors, he teaches me how to do it better and how to perform better.

Lemuel – Nelson:

As a player, he always plays with heart and passion. I know Nelson is a big factor in the team with his leadership and command. He is funny and (although sometimes pikon) but he always gives us advice inside and outside the field.

Nelson – J:

He is a good teammate. Sometimes he is crazy, but he is like a Filipino Messi: very fast and skillful. He’s a good person to his teammates, very humble, and is as good father to his son.

J – William:

We’ve been teammates for over 5 years, but we’ve gotten close after 2 years. He is very kind, caring, and compassionate. He has a big heart and helps his friends when they’re in need. We can always approach him when we’re in trouble. He is also a fun guy and likes to joke around with us.

William – Camelo:
As a friend, you can count on him. No matter what situation you are in, you can call and text him and he’ll be there. He’s a strong and solid defender, but sometimes you have to push him more. I think he’ll be one of the best defenders in the Philippines if he pushed himself more

Camelo – David:
We’ve only been playing together for a while but I can see that he is a good person. He’s family oriented. He gives his 100% during practice and games. He’s a very hard working person. He does extra runs even after practice to condition his body more.

David – Felipe:
My first impression of him is that he’s a good guy and a family man. He tries his best to help the team. He’s a good teammate and enjoyable to play with.

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